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Groupe rajna logo.jpg

Ville d'origine Mazingarbe
Genre musical Moderne Classique
Années d'activité 1997 -

Membres Jeanne Lefebvre, Fabrice Lefebvre, Gerard Chambellant

Historique [1]

Rajna was founded in 1997 by Gerard Chambellant, Fabrice Lefebvre and Jeanne Lefebvre. Influenced by the flavors of Eastern culture, the band made three albums: "Ishati" (1999), "Yahili" (1999), The Heady Wine of Praise (2001). After the release of their third album, and the departure of Gerard Chambellant, the group officially became a duo and released "The Door of Serenity" in 2002 which was followed by "Hidden Temple" in February 2004. In 2005, Rajna became involved in a project close to its heart ... In partnership with the association "La Maison des Himalayas", all the royalties generated by sales of their album "Black Tears" anthology went to that association, in order to build a school for children of Nepal. In 2006 Rajna explored new horizons and new sounds to make the album "Otherwise". Following a meeting in summer 2005 with the Napolitan composer Francesco Banchini they undertook a collaborative project under the name Khvarena, which resulted in the album "The Spirit Rises", released in 2007. In 2008, Rajna released the album "Duality" on the French label Holy Records. This album includes some tracks with the singer Tim Bowness from the band No-man (Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson). In 2010, Rajna released "Offering", a more traditional album, less electronic than the previous. "Offering" is a journey throughout the Dodecanese and the Cyclades islands. In 2011 Rajna made a cover of the track "End" from the band Black Tape of a Blue Girl (Founder of the US label Projekt/Sam Rosenthal) In 2012, Rajna autoproduced their last album in date "Babel". It includes a cover version of the band sToa with the track Hanuz Nist (Olaf Parusel) and a cover from sToa of the track "Offering". After that, Rajna stopped recording music because they felt less interest from its audience and also for familiar reasons. During that period, Fabrice Lefebvre got involved in another musical project and founded the Post Punk band Factice Factory (3 albums and a 7') with his son Théotime Lefebvre and singer François Ducarn. Now in 2020, our friend Brice Amo from the band Omasphere proposed us to collaborate on a new track entitled "Turning World" and we took part with much joy to this project. This track has been recorded during the episode of confinement (Covid 19) Other tracks will come ... and maybe another Rajna album in preparation if passion is stronger than ever. Please, visit our Bandcamp Page : https://rajna.bandcamp.com/

Line Up


  • Jeanne Lefebvre
  • Fabrice Lefebvre

Groupe rajna1.jpg Groupe rajna2.jpg

1997 - 2002

  • Jeanne Lefebvre
  • Fabrice Lefebvre
  • Gerard Chambellant



Pochette Année Format Type Nom Label Référence
Rajna iklisia 01.jpg 1998 CDr Album Iklesia (autoproduction) n/a
Rajna ishati-p1 01.jpg 1999 CD Album Ishati Prikosnovénie / Projekt Prik026 / Pro00113
Rajna yahili 01.jpg 1999 CD Album Yahili Holy Records Holy 52 CD
Rajna theheady 01.jpg 2001 CD Album The heady wine of praise Holy Records Holy 65 CD
Rajna thedoor 01.jpg 2002 CD Album The door of serenity Holy Records Holy 74 CD
Rajna hiddentemple 01.jpg 2004 2xCD Album Hidden temple Holy Records Holy 90 DCD
Rajna blacktears-p1 01.jpg 2005 CD Compilation Black tears Holy Records / Projekt Holy 102 CD / Projekt180
Rajna otherwise 01.jpg 2006 CD Album Otherwise Holy Records Holy 111 CD
Rajna duality 01.jpg 2008 CD Album Duality Holy Records Holy 123 CD
Rajna offeringcd 01.jpg 2010 LP+CD / CD Album Offering Equilibrium Music EQM031
Rajna babel 01.jpg 2013 CD Album Babel autoproduction Rajna 03CD
Rajna fromtheashes2 01.jpg 2013 File Album From the ashes - volume II autoproduction n/a


Année Format Nom Label Référence
2006 / 2014 DVDr / File Private live 2005 (autoproduction) n/a


Année Format Split avec Titre Label Référence
2012 File Brice Amo Session at Montbrun's church (autoproduction) n/a
2020 File Omasphere Turning World (autoproduction) n/a
2020 File Omasphere Moon War (autoproduction) n/a
2020 File Omasphere Amber (autoproduction) n/a


Année Format Type Nom Label Référence
Rajna ishati-p2 01.jpg 2001 CD Album Ishati Projekt Pro00113
Rajna ikliesia2009 01.jpg 2009 CD Album Iklesia (autoproduction) n/a


Le groupe apparait sur de nombreuses compilations.
En attendant que je puisse les renseigner ici, une liste assez complète peut être consultée sur discogs

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  1. biographie officielle de la page facebook du groupe