In Goth... We Trust (compilation)

De Nordwaves
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In Goth... We Trust
Compilation par  Multi-Artistes
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Sortie 1992
Genre Goth Rock, Post-Punk, Darkwave
Format K7
Label (autoproduction)
Tirage 30 (?)

(autoproduction) - n/a

Face A
No TitreArtiste Durée
1. Circles Of Sapphire Restoration
2. Time The Breath Of Life
3. Timisoara Lucie Cries
4. Civilized Animals La Morte De La Maison
5. Idziemy Przez Las Siekiera
6. Dahlia Noir Excès Nocturne
7. Decadence Every New Dead Ghost
8. Been Waiting For A Long Time Preachers Of Sadness
9. Fire And Sun Witching Hour
Face B
No TitreArtiste Durée
1. Want Requiem In White
2. Mircalla Two Witches
3. Loneliness 2 Dass
4. Abbrasax Rosa Crux
5. Where I Wanted To Go Casual Sanity
6. Goessa Endraum
7. Venise Neva
8. Black Fire Catastrophe Ballet
9. Obscure Passion Alan Woxx


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  • Distribué via le catalogue Nightbreed-Recordings