Zoundbies vol.1 (compilation)

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Zoudbies volume 1
Compilation par  Multi-Artistes
Compilation zounbbiesvol1 01.jpg
Sortie 2009
Format File
Compilé par Alien S Pagan
Label Zorch Factory Records
Références ZFR031

Zorch Factory Records - ZFR031

No TitreArtiste Durée
1. The Cry 13 Bats
2. Under The Mask †13th Moon†
3. RIP Acid Bats
4. Here Comes The Time Alexandros
5. Transmissions Bella Lune
6. Sleeping With A Vampyre Brigitte Handley & Dark Shadows, The
7. The Fate Brotherhood Of Pagans
8. Tender Flesh Cadillacs And Cadavers
9. Retroscopic (Zoundbies Edit) Camp Z
10. Opio, Sexo, Jogo & Rock N Roll Capitao Fantasma
11. El Mortal De Cyteres Cyteres
12. Fading Colours Dancing Golem
13. Crucify My Lies Date At Midnight
14. Movin Deadbeats
15. Jeudi Noir (Demo Version) Die Perlen
16. Metropolis Droserae
17. La Puta Del Cementario (Unrealised Demo) El Viejo Matadero
18. Fils De Frankenpire Vampirstein Elvira & The Bats
19. Strain Under Streets Escarlatina Obsessiva
20. Quiero Ser Parroco Eyaculacion Post Mortem
21. Cigarette Fangs On Fur
22. Sabres For Against
23. Waiting For The Bad Things Frustration
24. Nobody's Home General Decay
25. Chaos Cat Graveyard Soul
26. Kiss The Viper Hellbats
27. Los Espejos Viven Horror Vacuii
28. Damned Game Hysteric Helen
29. Reptilian Imprint
30. Les Enfants Damnés Jacquy Bitch
31. Somewhere Under The Graveyard Jamey Rottencorpse & The Rising Dead
32. Remember The Time Joy Disaster
33. Feed Your Soul Karma Deva
34. Vida Telequinética La Peste Negra
35. Te Gusara (Paralisis Permanente Cover 2009 Demo) La Unida Del Dolor
36. Inmaculada Le Vene Di Lucretia
37. Mundo Cannibal Los Carniceros Del Norte
38. Dr Phibes (Live Version) Madre Del Vizio
39. La Reina Roja Mekrokiev
40. Batcave Miguel & The Living Dead
41. The Blight Murnau's Playhouse
42. Pretend There Was Surprise In The End New Days Delay
43. Don't Be Afraid Of A Massgrave Oltretomba
44. Exile Phantom Vision
45. Those Who Walk By The Night Plastique Noir
46. Dia De Los Muertos Rezurex
47. Vampireville Scarlet & The Spooky Spiders
48. Fate Scarlet Leaves
49. The Blade (Heavy Mix) Sieben
50. Voudou Sleepmask
51. Autumn Wounds Soror Dolorosa
52. Waltz Spiritual Bats
53. Bite You Good Nite Sunglasses After Dark
54. Death Has Tasted Blood (1st Version) Cemetary Girlz, The
55. Reflection (Zounbies Remix) Cemetary Girlz, The
56. Love In Shadows (Emily Bronte Remix) Deep Eynde, The
57. The Scars Eternal Fall, The
58. Horrock N Roll Fright, The
59. Man Don't Walk Low Frequency In Stereo, The
60. My Blue Eyes Other Colors, The
61. Oh Darkness...Secret Glory Readership Hostile, The
62. Lone Lines Red Crayon Aristocrat Club, The
63. Eurotower Trouble Fait'
64. Wait For Me TSOL
65. Never Said Goodbye Twisted Nerve
66. Unexpected Guest (Live Version 2009 @ Rebellion Fest) Uk Decay


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