Mirror (BS)

De Nordwaves
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Chanson par  Bunker Strasse
extrait de l’album [Offensive (EP)
Sortie 1987
Auteur Kristian Dernoncourt
Compositeur Bunker Strasse
Label Hayoon Limit?


Mirror Mirror tell me why
Tell me why i'm here
Oh Mirror Mirror
Why i'm not dead
That life is so violent, that world so ugly
And i don't wanna be a slave
All what i want is not to be free
But to be free in anarchy ?

Mirror Mirror tell me why
Nobody laughs in that city
Mirror Mirror tell me why
I feel so lonely
All what i hear and what i see
Are only pain and sorrow
A knife in evey hand, a gun in the wistband
Oh Mirror it's so crazy

Mirror Mirror i don't want
Don't wanna stay in that sick world
Mirror Mirror they'll all died
So i wan't to be on the other side
I don't want to see them, don't want to hear them
Destroy and kill each others
Mirror Mirror
Im' gonna break you tonight

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