Eternal Fight (AoC)

De Nordwaves
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Eternal Fight
Chanson par  Act Of Cruelty
extrait de l’album First Act
Sortie 1992
Compositeur Act Of Cruelty


Alone and cold
Like a corpse in the snow
No wind, no sin
Your angels have no wings
No smile, no cry
Your truth hurts like a knife
No flower : you're queen of the desert

Life : that's what you hate
Your only friend is the sun

So hot , he's shot
He had no time to pray
You all, like flammes
Dancing around his grave
No light , just fight
You're the strength of the night
Madness : you are prince of the darkness

Your kingdom is a cocoon
Your only friend is the moon

The fight's over
Blood's running in the river
But in these swords,
Earth didn't find a winner
Forever together
They'll have to share the souls
Between Good and Evil
Until they die ...
Until they die ...

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