Cold5 sampler (compilation)

De Nordwaves
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Compilation par Multiple
Sortie 2004
Format original CDr
Label Cold fanzine

CD offert avec le n°5 du magazine Polonais "Cold"

No TitreArtiste Durée
1. Nickelodeon Radar Secret Service
2. Prowadz' DHM
3. Zonengrenze 84 Dot.Commando
4. Dauntless Lady October 27th
5. The Very Center Of It All Turn Pale
6. Tears Of Blood Penis Flytrap
7. Hell Neither/Neither World
8. Spowolnione Ruchy Ra;k Citizen Woman There
9. Fingers Bloody Dead And Sexy
10. Love The Criminal Sleeping Pictures
11. Seed Dump Spiral Of Silence
12. Clockwork Black Waltz
13. 2000 Jahre Experiment Nnord
14. Mesmera's Gaze Sixth Chamber, The
15. Night Of Terror Miguel And The Living Dead
16. Mikawa & Skarpeta Popoï Sdioh
17. Untitled Ivo Partizan
18. Suruaika Suruaika
19. Fotonclub (Goldentoothmix) Eva
20. Tos Ojos De Niña Ô Paradis
21. Red Midnight Raven Birdtree